TUFF Bullbars Australia is one of the leading Australian distributors and manufacturers of vehicle frontal protection systems and is nationally recognized, well-respected brand in the aftermarket accessory industry.

Coldys is now a Tuff Bullbar Sydney Store. For more information or Quote on a Tuff Bullbar please call our Sales Team on 4577 2022.


The front face of a TUFFbar has been carefully designed to ensure that it does not lean outward from the vehicle. Aerial tabs and driving light mounts are fixed to the bullbar in a manner that prevents them from becoming dangerous projections. All accessory fixtures are positioned on the rear of all TUFFbars.

The ends of TUFFbars are curved to wrap around the front of the vehicle. They do not protrude beyond the legal maximum width of the vehicle. The overall height of a TUFFbar has been designed to be practical and protective. Bars extending too high over the bonnet are not permitted.


A bullbar mounting system is the most important part of any design, and as every vehicle is different, our TUFF Heavy duty steel mounting systems are designed specifically to suit the vehicles chassis and the bullbar bolting onto it.

All TUFF mounts are cut from 8 – 10mm steel plate and are designed and independently tested to ensure they are compatible with the vehicles standard safety equipment, without compromising the strength and performance of the TUFFbar.

TUFFbars meet the requirements of ADR 69/00 (Vehicle Frontal Protection System Impact Test – Air Bag) and Compatibility Certificates are available on request. 
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